Alonso to Indy 500

Did the news surprised me. No it did not. However on one off Indy 500 outing,  sacrificing the team chances at Monaco GP surprises me. His frustration must be so high, why else would be willing to sacrifice and give up a chance to race on the streets of the principality of Monaco.

There was sufficient hint that Alonso wasn’t happy driving MCL32 with the under powered motor. One was expecting him to quit in total and walk away to enjoy Karting. It appears Mclaren have done something extraordinary to keep him in the team. I cannot see this happen with Ron Dennis at the helm. Sparks would have flown pretty soon, such are the two characters.

Alonso has made poor decisions all his motor racing career. Hopefully this isn’t one more of them. Indy is a completely different racing series and therefore requires different skills. Who is say Alonso the great driver won’t master this , and drink that bottle of milk in 4 week . We will all get to know the answer on May 28th. In the mean time let us wish him well.


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