Spicing up races

The idea of 3 compounds per race introduced in 2016 generated some strategy variety in races. However this tire choice did NOT spice up races.

My suggestion is for Pirelli to introduce 6 tire compounds that result in quicker lap time of approximately 0.7 secs over 5 Km of track stepping down grades, and about 20% more life stepping up grades. Tires are called Grades 1, 2…..5, 6.

Pirelli specify 2 tires compounds per race and teams make an additional choice of 1 compound. They get to choose a harder compound or a softer compound. I will try and explain this with the current convention. The 2 compound choices in Bold are Pirelli chosen and the 2 options in Italics are available for teams to choose.

Super Soft | Soft | Medium | Hard 

In the race, teams must use one of the Pirelli compounds +  their selection. To ensure teams don’t always bias their selection towards a softer or harder compound, teams are limited to 50% harder and 50% softer choice for the entire championship.

What this does is

a) challenge teams to think about a championship before making choices. In trying to  play to their car strengths and trying to trade speed vs no of pit stops, some teams will end up in gambling with choices.

b) introduce a huge variety in tires and strategy for racing. Imagine if 2 teams had very different tires for a race because one went hard and other soft.

This would be akin to 2 tire suppliers, however without all the fuss and costs…


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