A Women’s championship

Women racing men in Formula 1 is not likely to happen. An option is to run a woman’s championship that happens at every grand prix where F2 races are held. Read on for my proposal.

The championship should be called M1, yes M1. If men drivers race in F1, women drivers race in M1. Teams that enter the men’s championship must also enter into the women and junior championships or tie up with teams and share race venue resources (mechanics / pits / PR staff). The M1 cars are the same spec as GP2 or F2. Over time ensure there is sharing of F1 parts across the 3 series to reduce costs.

A typical race weekend is

Friday Practice – 2 Hours for Women (M1), 2 hours for Juniors (F2), 2 hours for Men (F1)

Saturday Practice  1 hour Women (M1), 1 Hour for Juniors (F2) 1 hour for Men (F1)

Saturday Qualifying

M1/F2  – 30 mins of quali split into 2 halfs of 15 mins each. ½ grid knocked out after 15 minutes. F1 – retains current qualifying format.

Race weekend

M1/F2 races are 150 Kms each, followed by F1 race of 300 Kms. In the event of rain/weather/low light , M1 and F2 reduced to 12 lap sprint race. F1 remains a full 2 hour race.

This should in theory also be a better utilization of resources, and therefore lesser costs. Fans too get a lot more racing, and more women will attend GPs.


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